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Grand Conference Hall - 881 7th Ave New York, NY

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Conference Schedule

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  • 20th October, Thursday

  • Chairman:
    Dr. Joaquín Llácer (Ginefiv-GeneraLife)
    Prof. Dr. Bart Fauser – Professor emeritus of Reproductive Medicine, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Dra. Marta Devesa – Dexeus

    Individualized ovarian stimulation optimizes ovarian response, maintains treatment efficacy and improves safety. An update on its benefits through the use of the follitropin delta and its new scientific data in real life will be presented, together with an approach of its use in different patient profiles that are usually treated in daily clinical practice.


  • 21st October, Friday

  • Chair: Dr. Julio Herrero
    Dra. Cayetana Barbed – Especialista en reproducción asistida. Quiron Salud
    Dra. Annalisa Racca – Dexeus

    All of the steps of Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) are important, but in recent years, the type of triggering as well as the luteal pase support have been playing a very important role. From IBSA Ibérica we want to deepen in the new models of triggering in ART, as well as the importance of fresh transfer cycles, which although they could be going to the background, they still have an important weight in our country.


  • Speakers:
    Dr. Sesh Sunkara
    Dr. Alberto Vaiarelli

    Establish the optimal number of oocytes as results of the stimulation to maximize the most important reproductive outcomes such as cumulative life birth rate, based on the scientific evidence of both clinical trials and real world evidence of different gonadotropins.


  • Speakers:
    Dominic Stoop – Head of the Department of Reproductive Medicine, Ghent University Hospital
    Gemma Castillón – Deputy Director at IVI Barcelona. Gynecologist specialist in Assisted Reproduction

    An updated vision about the present and future of IVF, exploring different ovarian stimulation strategies and laboratory trends. Based on latest evidence, novel stimulation protocols could be designed as even more convenient ways of ovarian stimulation.


  • 22nd October, Saturday

  • Speakers:
    Francesco Acquadro – Genomic Lead CooperSurgical South Spain
    Mercedes Regueira – Senior embryologist CARE London

    PGT services are present in every day work during ART procedures, but the evolution of the massive sequencing techniques and the application of Artificial Intelligence provide us now with a new standard of care with the most clinically comprehensive insights: PGT- Complete. The inclusion of parental DNA analysis in our tests provide patients with 4 test in one: Parental QC reassurance the use of the intended gametes, Genetic PN check increasing the chances of recovery of 0,1,3 PN, identification of origin of aneuploidy and the highest technology PGT-Ai 2.0. Thanks to artificial intelligence we can provide patients with an increased security in their results and increase LBR in IVF cycles. CooperSurgical provides Genomic Services and support to clinics around the globe and we are pleased to welcome one of our historical customers, CARE group, to share their experience.


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    From 30th January 2023 until 22nd May 2023
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